Since Narrow Blocks Are Often Found In More Densely Populated Areas, You May Need To Fence Your Land In With High Fences.

Narrow blocks or odd shaped sites can present both a unique opportunity and challenge simultaneously, which requires a specific set of skills, knowledge and expertise to navigate when designing a home. You've been outbid by someone else. Would you like two separate entertaining areas so that the adults and kids can make as much noise as they like? You can still win! I can help! Why do you need a narrow block house designs specialist? What about the flow of traffic through the house? Architect Registration Numbers: NSF Registration No: 4234  |  ACT Registration No: 2470  |  LLD Sydney Home Building Registration No: 4752.

New Guidance For Swift Products For Narrow Block Building

Actual designs and finishes may vary from those shown. If they have successfully tackled the problems associated with building on a narrow block before, you will know they can help you with your home design. Designing on a narrow site is a challenge due its restricted nature, whereby the site and everything around it is likely to have an impact to ultimately define what can be achieved. We are totally committed to providing our customers with a top class home design and building experience, always striving to ensure our client’s experience with AC Homes is second to none. Good Luck! Since narrow blocks are often found in more densely populated areas, you may need to fence your land in with high fences. To find the right architect and/or landscaper for your narrow block, get quotes from a variety of architects and landscape designers and compare their portfolios. You've found a block of land in a great neighbourhood and at a great price. What can you do with the dreaded “postage stamp” backyard you are often left with when building on a narrow block? Custom also means having a layout that is just right for you.